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Years Attended HHS/Graduated:  1954 (DNG; attended 1951-1953)

Marital Status:  Married (Susan)

Children:  Four children: Susan - 1858, John Jr. - 1959, Richard - 1965, Sherri - 1969.

Career information:  Retired from the US Air Force in 1974 and is now the police chief at Cedar Grove Police Department in Cedar Grove, Florida.

Hobbies:  Writing computer algorithms for traffic crash reconstructions and solving for conservation of linear momentum, and vector sum analysis.

Fondest memory of Heidelberg:  "Commuting back and forth from Karlsruhe on the train with many intermittent stops. Living in the lavishly furnished dormatory. The exquisite cuisine served in the school dining room (14 meals per week). We didn't eat the Friday evening meal because we had to pack the suitcase and scurry off to the Bahnhof. Wednesday nights out on the town. Wanting to ask a girl out on a date, but not sure of the response you will get. Studying the art of becoming a connoisseur of the varied alcoholic beverages available in all Gasthauses. Meeting new people."

Anything unusual or exciting events in your life since graduation that you'd like to share with the group:  "Spending 3 very hot years in Saudia Arabia doing investigative work from 1979 through 1982. Exciting events: Try law enforcement as a profession. Never a dull moment! Too many events to list. Just watch "COPS" on television and see all the excitement we have."

Odds & Ends:  Jack arrived in Germany on November 5th, 1949, disembarking from the U.S.S. Barry at Bremerhaven. He attended 8th grade at Bad Kissingen and was the only 8th grader in the multi-grade room. He then transferred to Wurzburg grade school and graduated there. He enrolled in Munich High School during September of 1950 and completed my freshman year in 1951. Jack attended Heidelberg from 1951 through 1953. Then he attended Lebanon High School, Lebanon, MO., and graduatd from Waynesville High School, Waynesville, MO. during 1954.

Updated 06/09/2000