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Years Attended HHS/Graduated:  1959

Marital Status:  Married

Children:  Three children: Kathlee Mitchell Eagan (39), Margaret Keogh Mitchell (32), and Leslie Christine Mitchell (29)

Career information:  Primarily a homemaker but her resume would include bank teller, office manager, and volunteer extraordinaire.

Hobbies:  She claims to play golf poorly (look out, she could be lying!) and likes reading and exploring new places.

Fondest memory of Heidelberg:  "So many I don't know where to start..... A special person..... Being in on the creation of the infamous "Teen Club," dancing at Oktoberfest Carinvals for $ to get back to PHV, living in a requisitioned house on the moutain above the Schloss, and Prom in the Castle..... A very special time in my life..... one of a kind experience."

Anything unusual or exciting events in your life since graduation that you'd like to share with the group:  

Odds & Ends:  

Updated 06/09/2000