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Years Attended HHS/Graduated:  1968

Marital Status:  Married to my beautiful bride, Jan for 30 years..... Maui here we come!


Career information:  Graduated U of Main (68). Volunteered for the Marine Corps, but flunked the physical, so didnt' know what to do.....took the highest paying job available to a Liberal Arts major in the spring of '68...job offers were plentiful then to guys who didn't have to go into the service. Spent all the next 32 years in telecommunications...New Eng Tel, AT & T, GTE Wireless, and currently with Cabletron in Rochester, NH. Living in the great state of Maine....not ever leaving again!


Fondest memory of Heidelberg:  Heidelberg will always have a fond spot in my heart...I lived there twice...from '49-53....saw the high school being built then...even spent part of kindergarten and first grade on the first floor....came back to graduate in '64. Many fine people, and still try to stay in touch with Bill Henry and Roger Horst...along with Page Holbrook.

Anything unusual or exciting events in your life since graduation that you'd like to share with the group:  Was able to take Jan back to Heidelberg in the fall of '74 during a hectic October fest trip.....saw the castle, had a few beers in the notorious spots, etc.

Updated 02/03/2000