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Years Attended HHS/Graduated:  1969

Marital Status:  Married (Petra)

Children:  one cat

Career information:  In 82 I started working for Pan Am as a flight attendant (at their base in Berlin). Since 1991, still flying, but Lufthansa. LOTS of time on "The Road". I have lived in Berlin since 1972.

Hobbies:  Write, perform and play music at different clubs in Berlin, but NOT for a living! I must admit, you get used to a regular paycheck REAL FAST! Check out this web site: It will explain a bit about some of my last 28 years (ouch) in Berlin.

Fondest memory of Heidelberg:  Living and growing up there and having that special "bond" with all of your friends because they were Army Brats too. Its a life style that only we understand. Also, playing not only at our Teen Club, but in almost ever Army and Air Force Teen Club in Germany. We played just about every weekend. Plus, the master himself Rich Bennett, was our driver and "roadie" for many of our gigs! Lots of fun and very cool! Hitch-hiking around Europe during summer vacation was really cool too.

Anything unusual or exciting events in your life since graduation that you'd like to share with the group:  The above picture is of John on top of THE WALL at The Brandenberg Gate, the day the wall came down. Hes the guy with blond hair sitting next to the guy holding a motorcycle helmet in his lap.
     After HHS I spent two weeks in the US, then returned to Europe and have lived here ever since. Spent longer periods of time in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Ibiza, Madrid and Morocco. The time in Spain and Morocco was spent together with my old partner in crime and fellow classmate, Charlie Goranson. GREAT TIMES! I played music (bands, trios, duos, solo, etc.) worked with the rock musicals and road shows of Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar, and did a lot of playing, performing, touring, acting, giging and basically doing my thing in show business from 69 until 82.
     I was in Berlin when THE WALL went down! That was a serious kick ass weekend! It was especially emotional for me because my wife, Petra, is from Berlin, and she grew up with THE WALL being a big part of her life. She remembers very well going to the Wall with her parents as a young child, climbing up the steps of the observation platform, just over the Wall from the Russian/East German guard towers, and from there, being only able to wave to her grandparents who were stuck over in East Berlin. Growing up in Berlin and having old bomb sites for playgrounds as a kid; stuff like that. So it was an amazing part of history when it went down! It is something she and I shall always remember!"

Updated 02/24/2000