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At play in Alaska (1999)
Years Attended HHS/Graduated:  1969

Marital Status:  Married for 25 years; celebrated with an Alaskan cruise and a week in Mississippi.

Children:  2 sons

Career information:  Served two tours of duty there while I was in the Army (Baumholder 1979-1981) and Fulda & Schwabish Hall (1989-1990).


Fondest memory of Heidelberg:  The junior & senior proms and the graduation ceremony in the Heidelberg castle (schloss), driving at unlimited speeds on the autobahn, drinking beer in the gasthaus legally as a teenager, our senior trip to London, and of course the excellent German food (brochen, wiener schnitzel, rouladen, spiessbraten, etc).

Anything unusual or exciting events in your life since graduation that you'd like to share with the group:   Before I left the Army I re-visited Heidelberg High School in March 1990 & had a brief visit with Ms Edwards (my 1968 Alegebra teacher) who was still teaching at that time. "Beer is Great & So is Wine, We're from the Class of 69 !!"

Updated 08/30/2001